“When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen.” -Stella Adler


Heather Huff is an actor, dancer, choreographer and world traveler!

Originally from Arizona, Heather has worked and performed throughout the United States, Canada and on Cruise Ships and now currently lives in New York, NY. She has a very energetic and outgoing personality with a positive attitude and applies this to each new project she undertakes. Heather is able to work internationally in both Canada and the United States and is a member of Actor’s Equity.

Heather has recently combined her passion for performing with her love of traveling and has taken up being a travel host. Check out her new Travel Blog to see some of her recent adventures!


Here is my complete performance resume.


Have a look at samples of my work on stage, film and as a voice over artist.

Seeking Sunshine

Journey with me to places near and far with my Video Travel Blog.